Cutthroat Kingdoms

Publisher: AEG

Year: 2017

Type: Card Game

This is the innovative new social game of contract, duplicity, arranged marriages and tainted food. Every group will create their own rules for how to play and every game will be different. Will yours be high on subterfuge, backstabbing and betrayal, or conducted on a higher plane of rock-solid agreements and unbreakable oaths?

7 Days

Publisher: AEG

Year: 2018

Type: Board Game

When your plane crashes into the middle of the mountains, will you pull your fellow survivors together to overcome the traumatic events, or will the emotional turmoil of survival wreck havoc on your psyche? This is a game of trust, trauma, and choice. You don't just have to survive the ordeal, so does your mind...


Publisher: Still In Dev

Year: TBA

Type: Board Game

Embark on an incredible journey as a primitive man or woman in an immersive experience of overcoming obstacles, crafting tools and technologies, and hunting down the biggest prey you've ever seen in your life. Be warned, the dangers of 10,000 B.C. are many, and all you have i your two hands and a sharp rock. Build tools and structures, survive harrowing events, and hunt for food. Be warned, everyone else is trying to do the same thing, and competition may be fierce.